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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Fellowships and Other Sources of Funding for Graduate Students

The assistantships and fellowships listed below are potential sources of funding that are not linked to a specific project.

Prospective Ph.D. students may apply for Alumni Fellowships awarded by the University of Florida. These fellowships provide graduate student stipends and tuition waivers for up to 4 years. Teaching or other duties may be required during 2 of these years. These fellowships do not require a separate application but the application to the WEC program must be complete for consideration (i.e., with GRE scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.). WEC departmental review of candidates for these fellowships may begin in early January.

Opportunities for international students: Some funding opportunities are available through the Program for Studies in Tropical Conservation (PSTC) and Tropical Conservation and Development Program (TCD) for students who wish to pursue research in the tropics. However, most international students in WEC are supported by competitive international fellowships (e.g., Fulbright Fellowships, International Rotary Fellowships, Organization of America States, etc.) or fellowships from institutions in their home countries. Fulbright Fellowships often provide language training in the USA prior to enrolling in a graduate program. Check out these opportunities with the Fulbright office in your home country! For example, the Argentine Fulbright office has a great web site.

Additional questions? See Information for Prospective Graduate Students.