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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Online Resources for WEC Graduate Students

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WEC Graduate Student Internal Forms: Appointment of Supervisory Committee form; Form 2; Letter to Revise Form 2; Registration
Contracts for WIS 6905, WIS 6910, & WIS 6940; Leave of Absence Form; and WEC Graduation Exit Survey

Graduate Forms

WEC Graduate Courses - By Semester & Year Offered

Graduate Courses

WEC Graduate Handbook

Graduate Handbook

WEC Graduate Program Certificates

Graduate Program Certificates

WEC Graduate Student Organizations

Student Organizations

WEC Facebook -- Join Us!

WEC Final Exam/Final Semester -- WEC-specific Instructions for Your Final Semester

Final Exam/Final Semester Information

WEC Scholarships, Financial Aid, & Fellowships

Financial Aid and Fellowships

CALS Graduate Student Services -- including CALS-specific Awards, Scholarships and Travel Grants

UF Commencement/Graduation

UF Office of the Registrar

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UF Student Financial Affairs

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UF Dean of Students Office

UF Disability Resource Center

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UF Student Health Care Center

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UF Graduate Information System -GIMS

IFAS Statistical Consulting Unit - Experiment design and data analysis