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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Instructions - Requesting WEC Vehicle

  1. Request vehicle by filling out WEC Vehicle Use Request Form and send to and Await email confirmation and information about when/where to drop off and pick up vehicle keys.
  2. For key pickup, bring a copy of your Driver's License to show WEC staff member.
    • For non-WEC UF personnel: Staff member will provide you with the chartfield string to which all your PCard fuel charges for this vehicle during your use should be charged against.
    • For WEC personnel: Staff member will provide you with the chartfield string which you should include when turning in your fuel receipts to
  3. Be sure to fill out Mileage Logs in the vehicle completely and accurately.
  4. Should any issues arise with the vehicle, report immediately to WEC Operations Manager (352-846-0631) or the main office personnel, if he is not available. The mileage log with all pertinent paperwork are located in the vehicle. In the case of an accident, the UF/WEC guidelines are in the packet along with the registration and UF insurance data. Please familiarize yourself with the procedures prior to use of the vehicle.
  5. Return the keys on final day of use along with the mileage log to WEC Operations Manager. Vehicle should have no less than ¾ tank of fuel. Units returned requiring staff to fuel the unit may result in loss of vehicle use privileges. Any issues with the vehicle should be reported by this time.
  6. If unit is assigned out for more than 30 days, turn in copies of the mileage log on the 1st of the month. Template of log can be here: Vehicle Use Record Mileage.


WEC Vehicle Use Request Form

Vehicle Use Record Mileage

WEC Vehicle Service Center Process