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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

WEC Fiscal Policy & Procedures

WEC UFGO Travel and PCard Training

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Purchasing Software

Software should be purchased via Purchase Order in MyUFMarketplace.

WEC does not allow software purchases on Pcards without prior approval, due to previous experience at UF of data theft from people purchasing unauthorized software.

To receive prior approval to make software purchases on your pcard, please do the following:

  1. Contact your fiscal processor and provide them all the details of the software you want to purchase.
  2. Fiscal processor will search the Fast Path Solutions list and determine if the software is approved or disapproved to be purchased.
    1. If software is on the Fast Path Solutions list, Fiscal processor will (1) make the software purchase with their pcard and attach the Fast Path list or (2) print the lists showing the software being purchased is approved and allow PI to purchase. Prior approval and copy of list should be attached to software purchase on pcard.
    2. If software is not on the Fast Path Solutions list, you will need to work closely with processor and/or Tom Barnash to complete Risk Assessment and get software added to the Fast Path Solutions List.  Once approved follow the instructions in “a” above.

If you would like to start the process of submitting a Risk Assessment, you can submit a request here: (You must be on the UF network or be connected to the VPN for this link to work).

The full UF Risk Assessment Policy can be found here:

For more information visit Procurement Services

Drone Use

Approved Drone Manufacturers

In accordance with section 934.50, Florida Statutes, as of January 1, 2022, a governmental agency (as defined in section 934.50, Florida Statutes) may only purchase or otherwise acquire a drone from a manufacturer on the approved list. Governmental agencies may continue to utilize drones not on the approved list of the Florida Department of Management Services (FDMS) until January 1, 2023.

Pursuant to section 934.50(7)(b), Florida Statutes, FDMS hereby provides the following list of approved manufacturers whose drones may be purchased or otherwise acquired and used by a governmental agency under section 934.50, Florida Statutes:

  1. Skydio
  2. Parrot
  3. Altavian
  4. Teal Drones
  5. Vantage Robotics

This list provides approved manufacturers but does not guarantee that all models produced by these manufacturers meet an individual governmental agency's specific needs or security requirements. Beginning July 1, 2022, all governmental agencies using drones not on the department’s approved list must submit a comprehensive plan for discontinuing their use to the department.

Please monitor this website and the Florida Administrative Register for updates related to the department’s obligations under section 934.50(7), Florida Statutes.

Have questions?  Please contact –

Purchasing Limits for Quotes

Purchases with terms – Any agreements containing terms and conditions, or other such verbiage, including Maintenance Agreements, Software License Agreements, etc.,requiring signature must be forwarded to Procurement Services; Procurement Services will review and sign.

Purchases of at least $5,000 – Purchases of at least $5,000 require a purchase order, this also includes multiple payments totaling $5000.00

Purchases Below $10,000 – It shall be the Procurement Agent’s discretion whether quotes are needed on purchases below $10,000. Quotations are encouraged whenever possible.

Purchases $10,000-$74,999 – Written quotes from three or more vendors or written justification why quotations were not obtained. The requisition shall be documented prior to the processing of a purchase order by the Procurement Agent as to the circumstances when competitive quotes are not obtained.

UF Travel Directives and Procedures

The purpose of these University of Florida Travel Directives and Procedures is to provide direction for employees and others who undertake travel on behalf of the University. You can view them here.