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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars Spring 2021

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars will be held virtually this semester, please see the email announcements for meeting information. Seminars will be recorded and available on this page each week.


Michelle Cardel

Turning ‘Chutes’ into ‘Ladders’ for Women Faculty: A Roadmap for Equity in Academia


Marc Hockings

COVID-19 and Protected and Conserved Areas: global snapshot of COVID 19 impacts, emerging scenarios, and a call for action
Seminar Recording


Robert Fletcher

Towards Conviviality in Post-COVID-19 Conservation
Seminar Recording


Phillip Altbach

The Global Realities of Higher Education and the Implications for Internationalization and the Future
Seminar Recording


Adrian Martin

The importance of social justice for post-Covid conservation
Seminar Recording


Merav Ben-David

We have a moral obligation to act: a journey from the Arctic Ocean to the US Senate race
Seminar Recording


Noah Diffenbaugh

The COVID-19 lockdowns: a window into the Earth System
Seminar Recording


Toby Bolsen

How Conspiracy Theories, Misinformation and Politicization Can Limit the Impact of Science. And What To Do About It.
Seminar Recording


Giorgio Marinoni/Isabel Toman

Higher Education around the world in the (post) COVID-19 era
Seminar Recording


Anne Laudisoit

Neglected Diseases in a Global World and The Unexpected Impact of Going Local
Seminar Recording


Boris Arevalo

Ph.D Seminar: Nesting ecology and habitat selection of Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao cyanoptera) in Belize
Seminar Recording


Mahi Puri

Prioritizing and identifying opportunities for carnivore conservation in human-dominated landscapes of India
Seminar Recording


Master Symposium

Seminar Recording