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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars - Spring 2023

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars will be held in NZH 112 and virtually this semester at 3:30pm. Seminars will be recorded and available on this page each week.

Jan 23rd

Tim Tinker, USGS/UC Santa Cruz
Title: "Keystone complexity: our evolving understanding of the functional roles of sea otters in near-shore marine ecosystems"
Seminar Recording

Jan 30th


Feb 6th

Sam Gibbs, USFWS/National Wildlife Refuge System

Title: "Two-thirds Health: the importance of ensuring that wildlife and ecosystem health hold equal weight in One Health initiatives"

Seminar Recording

Feb 13th

Vicki Blazer, USGS

Title: "Identifying risk factors associated with adverse effects of multicontaminant exposures in wild fish populations"

Seminar Recording

Feb 20th

Felisa Smith, University of New Mexico

Title: "The Missing Pieces: Lost Ecological Function Following the Terminal Pleistocene Megagauna Extinction"

Seminar Recording

Feb 27th

Nina Attias, UF/Center for Latin American Studies

Title: "Bridging the Gap Between Conservation Science and Practice: The Giant Armadillo Conservation Program in Brazil"

Seminar Recording

Mar 6th

Adrienne Dykstra, UF/WEC

PhD Exit Seminar - "Incorporating the Effects of Wild Pig Invasion on Native Species Behavior and Population Parameter Estimation"

Seminar Recording

Mar 20th

Erin Koen, USGS

Title: "Sea level rise and the Florida Keys mole skink"

Mar 27th

Maria Sanchez Torres,UF/Biology

Apr 3rd

Bill Pine,UF/WEC

Title: "Large-scale restoration can slow, but not reverse, collapsing oyster reefs along Florida’s Gulf Coast"

Apr 10th

Jen Miller, USFWS

Title: "Building an evidencebased, adaptive conservation catalyst fund to reduce threats of wildlife trafficking globally"

Apr 17th

Stephen Parker, UF/WEC

PhD exit seminar

Apr 24th

WEC Master’s Symposium