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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Graduate Program Certificates

Graduate Certificates in Other Departments

Certificates are annotations to your transcripts that indicate concentrated study in related disciplines.  Certificates demand from 6-15 course credits to complete, though most are around 9 credits.  Since these credits are non-WIS credits, balancing the needs for WIS credits in the WEC graduate major with non-WIS credits is a consideration.  See UF’s Policy / Definition for Graduate Certificates.

CAUTION!   Some certificate programs may not amenable to current graduate students, that is, they may be stand-alone programs that cannot be done while completing a graduate degree in another department.  So before committing – you must discuss the certificate option with someone knowledgeable in the home department!

Advice!   Use your Form 2 to help you plan if a graduate certificate is right for you!


  • WEC non-thesis MS students take at least 14 WIS letter-graded credits, leaving 15 non-WIS graded credits free for electives in any field. Confer with your coursework advisor!
  • WEC research MS students must take 11 or more WIS letter-graded credits, but with research commitments, fitting in a graduate certificate will be challenging so confer with your advisors early!
  • WEC PhD students should take 12 or more WIS letter-graded credits, but they have more leeway (time and credits) to fit a graduate certificate into their programs with planning. Again, confer with your advisors and examine your long-term priorities before committing.


  • Forestry, Fisheries, & Geomatic Sciences has closely related and skills-based certificates (link)
  • Urban and Regional Planning offers a graduate minor (link)
  • Digital Geography (link)
  • Journalism certificates (link)
  • Aggregated Engineering certificates (link)
  • Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies certificates (link)
  • Wildlife Forensic Sciences and Conservation certificate (link)


UF Graduate School list of graduate certificates – you will have to search for them yourself though!