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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Personnel Information

WEC Employee Appointment Request Form

WEC Employee Appointment Request Form (PDF)
Submit this completed form at least two weeks prior to the employee's start date. This will insure the employee is covered by Worker's Compensation and that he/she receives his/her first paycheck promptly. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY AN EMPLOYEE BEGIN WORK UNTIL THE PAPERWORK HAS BEEN RECEIVED BY THE WILDLIFE ECOLOGY & CONSERVATION PERSONNEL OFFICE.

New Employee Orientation

You can find general information and employment details for OPS Employment on HR's Temporary Employment (OPS) Page, including General OPS, Student OPS, and Academic OPS positions.

UF Online Harassment Prevention Training

The harassment prevention training is required by all employees. The employee should provide department HR with the Certificate of Completion, printed at the end of the course, within their first thirty days of employment. Please see this website for more information:

Employee Handbook

You can find a wealth of useful information and answers to frequently asked questions in the Human Resource's Employee Handbook. Academic Personnel will want to refer to the Faculty Handbook.


GatorLink is an individual's computer network identity at the University of Florida. Every applicant, student, faculty and staff member is expected to have a GatorLink username and password.

When creating a username, please use the UF Suggested Naming Policy of

Social Security Number Privacy

Important information about Social Security Number Privacy can be found at


Please fill out this volunteer form and return the completed form to : POI | VOLUNTEER APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM


OPS and Student Assistant Employment Application

Supervisor Checklist for Health Assessments

Four-in-One Form

Pay Rate Justification Form

Job Classifications and Starting Pay Ranges for Student Employees

Hours Extension Petition