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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Graduate Student Handbook

Handbooks for WEC Graduate Students. The graduate student handbook is available here in electronic format. Please see Michael Dial ( for archived copies.

  • Study the handbook for your degree. You are responsible for knowing the degree requirements laid out in your handbook. Very helpful tips reside in the handbooks, too, such as terrific cheat sheets for filling out your Form 2 - Schedule of Proposed Courses, AND for each degree there is a handy checklist for graduating without any hiccups!  And much, much more!

Graduate Student Handbook - Research MS and PhD Degrees
Graduate Student Handbook - Masters (MS) Non-thesis Degree

  • Forms (referred to the handbook) that you need to use for coursework planning, documenting milestones, exams, changes of status, etc. are right here --> Forms