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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Policy on Degree Program Changes (effective Fall 2012 semester)

The curriculum for each specialization within the Wildlife major was carefully formulated by the entire WEC faculty to prepare students for careers and meet professional, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and University of Florida degree requirements.

As such, all courses in the curricula are needed and required to successfully obtain the Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Bachelor of Science degree. In exceptionally rare cases, -- such as when a regularly taught, required course is cancelled, -- petitions to change degree requirements and/or substitute courses will be considered. Petitions must be submitted in writing to Maureen Cox, WEC Student Services, and will be considered on a case by case basis.

As students plan for registration and schedule courses, they must consider both the upcoming semester and all future semesters through graduation. Many UF courses have prerequisites that must be completed prior to taking them, and other courses are only offered during certain semesters and years. It is the student’s responsibility to properly plan for and schedule all courses to satisfy degree requirements.

The WEC Student Services Office (102A NZH), the WEC Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Building 106 Rm 1A), and WEC faculty advisors are available to assist students with planning and scheduling. If a student does not know who their faculty advisor is, they should contact WEC Student Services. Failure to properly plan for and schedule required courses is not an acceptable reason for course substitutions, and many courses have no possible substitute.