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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

WEC UFGO PCard Forms

WEC PCard Request - Application for PCard

WEC Pcard Request – Application for Pcard form is needed for anyone who would like to request a New Pcard, transfer a Pcard, Update Pcard, or Name Change on Pcard


  • Before submitting complete Training UFGO500 and UFGO100
  • WEC Staff will complete the UFGO application with the form data.
  • WEC Staff will Collect signatures from Dept Chair
  • WEC Staff Email completed application to pcard team, you and your PI will be cc’d
  • Wait for pcard team to email you that your card has been ordered.
  • The card will be mailed to WEC Main Office
  • WEC Staff will email you to pick your card up or can be Fedex if needed.
 WEC UFGO PCard Receipt

WEC UFGO – Pcard Receipt Submission Form is needed to submit your receipts for pcard charges.


  • Make sure your receipts are detailed and legible.
  • Justifications should be detailed.
  • WEC Staff will review and link your expenses to an Expense Report
  • Please watch your email WEC Fiscal Staff will email you a copy of report when ready.
  • If your report is correct log into UFGO and approve your report
 One-Time Pcard Limit Increase

One-Time Pcard Limit Increase – Request to increase your Per Transaction Limit of 2000.00 or increase your Per seven-day cycle of 10000.00.


  • Submit request 1 to 2 days before the anticipated charge dated.
  • WEC Staff will review and request additional information if necessary.
  • WEC Staff will submit to pcard team for processing.
  • Pcard Team will email when approved to make the purchase.
  • Submit the approval email with your receipts through Pcard Receipt Submission Form