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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

WEC Study Abroad Courses

UF in New Zealand - Biodiversity and Conservation

UF in New Zealand is a 5-week, experiential learning program during the Summer B term, which introduces students to New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna and local/national efforts to conserve and restore biodiversity. Go here for more information.

UF in Swaziland - Wildlife Ecology

UF in Swaziland provides students with an opportunity for hands-on learning in one of the most diverse and complex ecosystems on the planet. Students earn 6 credit hours in Swaziland and South Africa during the Summer A term, and learn field survival skills, wildlife and plant identification, wildlife research techniques, African wildlife ecology, and the linkages between conservation and social issues. Students will engage in many of Southern Africa's most pressing conservation issues, participate in community development projects, and gain an understanding and appreciation for the history and cultures of Southern Africa. Go here for more information.

UF in Quito & the Galápagos Islands

Study the ways in which Ecuador’s diverse ecosystems shape ecological and evolutionary processes. Experience a variety of ecosystems, including the subtropical ecosystems of the Humboldt Current and tropical ecosystems of the northern Ecuadorian coast.  Explore the various economic, cultural & social issues that affect relationships between humans & their environment. Examine components of the tourism industry and their interrelationships for successful and responsible planning and management. Includes a week in the Amazon at a biodiversity field station and 9 weeks in the Galapagos! Go here for more information.