Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Combined Degree Programs

Combined Degree (BS/MS) in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

The Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (WEC) has developed a program for undergraduate students that allows those who qualify academically to obtain both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in WEC. Minimum qualifications for the program include a ≥3.2 GPA and a competitive GRE score for admission to the WEC Graduate Program and UF Graduate School.

The combined degree program allows you to get a head start on your graduate education by taking graduate courses throughout the junior and senior undergraduate years. 12 credit hours of this graduate coursework will also count toward the undergraduate degree, thus reducing the time it takes to get both degrees.

There are a number of financial considerations you should keep in mind. You are responsible for paying the difference between undergraduate and graduate tuitions. Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program participants will receive funding for the first 120 credit hours. The program will fund graduate courses taken toward the undergraduate degree at the undergraduate level. Financial aid may be available to assist with the graduate degree portion of the program.

Additional information can be found at https://catalog.ufl.edu/UGRD/academic-advising/combined-degrees/ for UF and http://cals.ufl.edu/faculty-staff/docs/policies/policymanual10-19-12.pdf for College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS).

How to Apply

  1. Meet with an academic advisor prior to the first semester of undergraduate junior year to develop a plan. This will require finding a WEC Faculty member to serve as your Graduate Mentor/Advisor and completion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
  2. Apply to WEC using the WEC Combined Degree Program Form by
    • 1 November for a Spring Semester start of the Combined Degree Program
    • 1 April for a Summer or Fall Semester start of the Combined Degree Program
  3. If WEC approves you, submit the UF Combined Degree Program Request Form to CALS and the UF Graduate School Application by
    • 1 December for a Spring Semester start of the Combined Degree Program
    • 1 May for a Summer or Fall Semester start of the Combined Degree Program

Resources (Adobe PDF)

Combined Degree (BS/MS) in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
UF Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Request

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and Urban and Regional Planning

It seems that prospective students in the DWEC are always asking about career possibilities with a degree from our department. Well for those students who pursue the Conservation Specialization the combined degree program with Urban and Regional Planning described here is an exciting answer.

Recently DWEC Faculty and Staff met with Dr. Joseli Macedo from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning to discuss the possibility of WEC undergraduates pursuing a combined degree (Baccalaureate of Science in DWEC and a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning in URP) in a five-year program. Students who satisfy the requirements for the M.A. in URP will further be eligible to pursue various certifications as professional planners. The URP M.A. requires a total of 52 graduate credits and in order to satisfy this requirement, URP requires that Undergraduates complete 21 of these graduate credits during their undergraduate curriculum.

Students in the Conservation specialization in DWEC are required to complete 21 credit hours of “Focus” courses and these could cover the 21 graduate credits (6000 level or above) required by URP in the undergraduate portion of this combined degree program. Dr.Macedo assured us that undergraduates can master these courses and certainly will not be at any disadvantage compared to URP graduate students in the program. Upon graduation from the undergraduate portion of this program, students will have to satisfy 31 additional graduate credits in URP in the next year, with 6 of these credits being designated for the thesis.

Resources (Adobe PDF)

Urban and Regional Planning Degree Request Form
Urban and Regional Planning Minor Information
Urban and Regional Planning Degree Schedule
Urban and Regional Planning Degree Timeline