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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Interdisciplinary Education: Fusion of Art and Biology for Creative Problem-Solving

Many management issues affecting wildlife, such as climate change and ecosystem restoration, are controversial despite consensus in the scientific community. We designed a multi-day module for use at biological stations that included an integrated set of activities: (a) Creative and critical thinking skills development; (b) Art-making; (c) Science-inquiry; (d) Public communication, and (e) Reflection/ Evaluation. The goal was student learning improvements in a suite of skills necessary for addressing significant wildlife-environment-society problems.

Participating Faculty:

Susan K. Jacobson, (FAB Project Director) UF Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor, Dept. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 
Coleman Sheehy III, Assistant Director, Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory 
Maria Sgambati, M.D. Education and Outreach Program Manager for Seahorse Key Marine Lab Robert Mueller, Professor, College of Fine Arts
Linda C. Jones, Associate Professor, College of Education
Dorothy Zimmerman, Communications Director, Florida Sea Grant
Katerie Gladdys, Associate Professor, College of Fine Arts
Peter Frederick, Research Scientist, Dept. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Anthony Andenoro, Assistant Professor, Dept. Agricultural Education and Communication

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