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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Susan Jacobson - Human Dimensions Lab: Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations

Lowe, Ben

(Ph.D., student)

Comparative analysis of the role of religion in promoting sustainable resource management in a changing world

Brown, Hannah

(Ph.D. candidate)

Collaborating for Oyster Sustainability: An Assessment of Stakeholder Communications and Future Management Outcomes on the Gulf Coast

Maynard, Lily

(Ph.D., 2019)

Are zoos conservation leaders? Using organizational conservation identity and social network analysis to assess zoos’ collective impact

Jones, Ryan

(M.S., 2019)

Conservation photography to promote the Friends of Nature Parks

McCray, Jame

(Ph.D., 2018) Co-chair

Sea Turtle friendly lighting in Florida: a multilevel evaluation of policy implementation and effectiveness

Marquez, Marcela

(Ph.D., 2017)

Winegrowers' Adoption of Conservation Practices in Chile’s Mediterranean Ecosystems: Corporate Conservation Behavior Analysis and Program Evaluation

Amit, Ronit

(Ph.D., 2016)

Enhancing Coexistence With Jaguars And Pumas In Costa Rica: Stakeholder Analysis And Design Of Community-Based Incentives

Anderson, Chloe

(M.A., 2016)

Influences on teacher perceptions of barriers to environmental education in Ecuador

Haynes, Nia

(Ph.D., 2015)

Minority Underrepresentation in Natural Resource and Conservation Careers: Assessing student barriers and opportunities using social cognitive career theory

Maynard, Lily

(M.S., 2015)

Evaluating Stakeholder Collaboration and Group Maturity in Community-based Conservancies in Kenya

Salvatiera, Daniela

(M.S., 2014)

Evaluability assessment of the Blue-Throated Macaw conservation program in Bolivia

Morgan-Brown, Theron

(Ph.D., 2014)

Marketing environmental and social messages in Tanzania

Ritan, Dickson

(M.S., 2013)

Assessment of biodiversity threats and tourism development in Kenya terrestrial parks and reserves

Figueroa, Omar

(Ph.D., 2013)

Ecology and conservation of jaguar and puma in Belize

Sakurai, Ryo

(Ph.D., 2012)

Understanding and building capacity of local communities to conserve endangered Asiatic black bears in Japan

Carlton, J. Stuart

(Ph.D., 2012)

Stakeholder coalitions and the role of scientific information in Florida's marine policy

Wald, Dara

(Ph.D., 2012)

Understanding stakeholder conflict: an analysis of public values, risk perceptions, and attitudes toward outdoor cat management

Browne-Nunez, Christine

(Ph.D., 2010)

Tolerance of wildlife outside protected areas: predicting intention to allow elephants in Maasai group ranches around Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Silva, Ana Carolina

(M.A., 2010)

An assessment of the influence of group characteristics on capacity-building for local environmental action in Brazil

Belford, Alan

(M.S., 2009)

Behaviors of birders

Sakurai, Ryo

(M.S., 2009)

Public attitudes toward bears in Japan

Dotson, Devin

(M.A., 2009)

A content analysis of conservative and liberal newspaper coverage of climate change in Santiago, Chile

Ramos, Luis

(Ph.D., 2008)

The Mesoamerican biological corridor: effects of communication processes on perceptions of key stakeholders and the public about natural areas

Morgan-Brown, Theron

(M.S., 2007)

Butterfly farming and conservation behavior in the East Usambara Mountains of Tanzania

Langin, Cynthia

(M.S., 2007)

Quantitative study of public support for Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) recovery

Solomon, Jennifer

(Ph.D., 2007)

An evaluation of collaborative resource management and the measurement of illegal resource use in a Ugandan national park

Liebowitz, Dina

(M.S., 2007)

Assessing stakeholder support and preferences for marine protected area management on Andros Island, Bahamas

Marks, Lisa

(M.S., 2005)

Participatory planning for recreation management in Abaco National Park, Bahamas

Espinosa, Santiago

(M.S., 2004)

Evaluation of an environmental education program for the Andean bear in an Ecuadorian protected area

Morris, Julie

(M.S., 2004)

Quantitative evaluation of a boater education program for manatee protection

Archer, Christine

(M.A., 2002)

Long-term evaluation of an environmental education program: assessing the impacts of the Golden Lion Tamarin education initiative in Brazil

Mugisha, Arthur

(Ph.D., 2002)

Evaluation of community-based conservation: protected area management in Uganda

Aipanjiguly, Sampreethi

(M.S., 2001)

Knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behavioral intentions of Florida boaters toward manatees

Lyons, Andrew

(M.S., 2000)

An effective monitoring framework for community based natural resource management

Appelson, Gary

(M.S., 1999)

Knowledge and attitudes of residents toward watershed management: assessing the need for environmental education in the Orange Creek Basin, Florida

McDuff, Mallory

(Ph.D., 1999)

Participatory evaluation of environmental education: wildlife clubs of Kenya

Silva-Lugo, Jose

(M.S., 1998)

A training program for hunter education in Venezuelan national parks

Di Camillo, Jodi

(M.S., 1997)

Assessment of international association of fish and wildlife agency’s programs: proactive strategies and hunting as a choice

Rocha, Ligia

(M.S., 1997)

Protected areas and non-governmental organizations in partnerships for conservation in Brazil

Slater, Gary

(M.S., 1997)

Brown-headed Nuthatches and Eastern Bluebirds in southern Florida pinelands

Wallmo, Kristy

(M.S., 1996)

Improved cookstoves in western Uganda: social impacts and environmental implications

Arana, John

(M.S., 1996)

Environmental education programs for a diverse public

Marynowski, Susan

(M.S., 1995)

Ecosystem management education for public lands

Fiallo, Elba

(M.A., 1994)

Local communities and protected areas: Machililla National Park, Ecuador

White, Teresa

(M.S., 1992)

A participatory educational program for wildlife conservation In South America

Padua, Suzana

(M.A., 1991)

Development of an environmental education program for a Brazilian park