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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department


Extension Workshops

Dr. Ober is director of the Natural Areas Training Academy. The academy provides hybrid workshops (partially online/partially in-person) that address management topics such as how to conduct site assessments, develop long-term resource management plans, manage to promote biodiversity, work with others to manage resources across property boundaries, plan for visitors in natural areas, develop a volunteer program, effectively monitor changes in vegetation over time, restore native vegetation, identify plant communities of Florida, and conduct prescribed burns.

Several workshops are regularly offered:

  • Conservation Site Assessment and Planning
  • Managing for Diversity across Florida's Unique Landscapes
  • Managing Visitors and Volunteers in Natural Areas
  • Working Across Boundaries to Protect Ecosystems
  • Vegetation Monitoring in a Management Context
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Dr. Ober also conducts outreach on topics pertinent to managing forests and to foster awareness and appreciation for wildlife.

Extension Videos

How to get bats out of a building
The role of bats and raptors in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Extension Publications

Forest Management

Ten tips for increasing wildlife biodiversity in your pine plantations
Dead wood: key to enhancing wildlife biodiversity in forests
The value of oaks to wildlife
Managing oaks to produce food for wildlife
Forest groundcover restoration
The importance of bottomland hardwood forests for wildlife
Management of pine forests for selected wildlife in Florida

Game Species Management

Ten tips for encouraging the use of your pine plantations by game species
A walk on the wild side: 2013 cool-season forage recommendations for wildlife food plots in North Florida
Temporary food plot deterrents for deer: do they work?


Florida's Bats: Brazilian Free-tailed Bat
Florida's Bats: Florida Bonneted Bat
Florida's Bats: Velvety Free-tailed Bat
Insect Pest Management Services Provided by Bats
Effective Bat Houses for Florida
Conservation of bats in Florida
Bats of Florida
Facts about Diseases: Bats and Coronaviruses
Bats of Florida Poster

Nuisance Wildlife

Baiting the nine-banded armadillo
Farmer perceptions of wildlife damage to row crops in North Florida
Overview of how to stop damage caused by nuisance wildlife in your yard
How to identify the wildlife species responsible for damage in your yard
How to modify habitat to discourage nuisance wildlife in your yard
How to use deterrents to stop damage caused by nuisance wildlife in your yard
How to use traps to catch nuisance wildlife in your yard

Miscellaneous Topics

Native Plants That Benefit Native Wildlife in the Florida Panhandle
Effects of oil spills on marine and coastal wildlife
Protecting Your Family and Pets from Rabies
Sea Turtle Conservation: 10 Ways You Can Help
Sea Turtle Conservation: Priorities for Environmental Education Efforts

Other Extension Publications

Trusty, J. L., and H. K. Ober. 2009. Groundcover restoration in forests of the southeastern U.S. CFEOR Research Report 2009-01. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 115 pp.

Ober, H. K., W. M. Giuliano, W. Sheftall, R. J. Byrne, and J. Dillard. 2012. Leveraging partnerships to achieve high impact: Lessons from wildlife field days. Journal of Extension 50 (1).

Friedl, S. E., H. K. Ober, T. V. Stein, and M. G. Andreu. 2015. Modernizing training options for natural areas managers. Journal of Extension 53 (5). Available online at

Extension Brochures

What you need to know if you have bats in a building in South or Central Florida (English)
What you need to know if you have bats in a building in South or Central Florida (Spanish)