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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department


My interests and professional academic history are diverse but lean toward studies that require understanding of behavioral ecology to address conservation, conflict, or habitat management questions. I am also interested in educating and engaging adults in conservation efforts and evaluating conservation impacts associated with the Florida Master Naturalist Program (

I cannot accept graduate students that do not have a funded project. For those projects that I secure funding for a graduate assistantship, those positions will be advertised and students will be selected through a competitive application process. For students seeking to apply for graduate assistantships, I recommend reviewing job boards that such as those affiliated with the Society for Conservation Biology ( or The Wildlife Society ( These job boards often advertise graduate assistantships and field technician positions. Note that graduate assistantships are highly competitive, so if you do not have field experience you should consider applying for positions that will help you gain experience and build credentials. In some cases, students secure funding prior to applying for graduate school such as NSF Predoctoral Fellowships. Prospective foreign students should consider applying for support from their home institutions, government agencies, or international organizations (e.g., Fulbright, OAS, USAID, etc.).

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies with me should send a letter of interest that describes your research interests broadly and provide a resume that includes your cumulative GPA for your undergraduate and graduate degrees as appropriate. Transcripts are not necessary for initial correspondence. Please refer to the WEC Web Site for Graduate Students for WEC admissions requirements and application procedures. I am also an affiliate faculty member with the School of Natural Resources and Environment, and they also have information on how to apply – including opportunities for financial support (