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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Scheffers' Lab - In the News

A paper just published by Scheffers and Williams in Frontiers in Ecology and Environment has been featured by Mongabay (click here for the article). It asks: Can tree-dwelling animals climb away from climate change?

Scheffers lab paper on global climate change impacts was one of the most featured papers in the media for 2016 (ranked #8). See here.

Scheffers' Lab 2016 word cloud

: Brett Scheffers and Sasha Greenspan visit a remote rainforest site to survey amphibian biodiversity. This is part of a large effort to save endangered rainforests of Madagascar through community-based conservation.

11/12/16: Climate change is affecting all life on Earth (here). This article has been viewed by over 35,000 times and posted on over 1000 social media sites. It was covered by over 80 different news outlets worldwide.

11/11/16: Scheffers publishes in Science on the broad footprint of climate change (here). This article has an Altmetric score of 1397 and has been viewed over 40,000 times!

11/10: Our first Scheffers' lab video featuring our canopy research on bird's nest ferns and conservation

10/24: Cool habitats support darker butterflies. Our research on butterfly melanism and microhabitat use is now out. Click here to learn more.

10/1: Extreme thermal variability in tropical rainforests. Click here.

9/25: Carlos Garcia-Robledo visits UF to talk about species interactions and climate change. Click here to learn more about Carlos' research.

09/16: The Scheffers lab of Global Change Ecology and Conservation is officially open for business!!! We welcome Brunno Oliveira (Post-doc), Ed Bashan (PhD candidate), Jesse Borden (MSc candidate) and Farwah Sharif (MSc candidate) to UF.

: Want to learn more about hunting in tropical forests of SE Asia? Click here.

: Distinguished Professor, Patricia Wright, visits UF to discuss conservation in Madagascar. Click here to learn more about Pat's research

07/16: Lily Leahy (future Scheffers' lab student) visits UF from New South Wales, Australia to work on arboreality in ants of the wet tropical rainforests of Australia.

07/16: Scheffers' student Pamela del Pliego publishes her first chapter of her PhD. Click here to see.

: The Scheffers' lab is wishing everyone a happy holiday season from Madagascar. So far we have surveyed the canopy of over 40 rainforest trees and surveyed hundreds of Asplenium bird's nest ferns for frogs. Can you spot our Christmas tree fern?

10/15: Scheffers' lab is off to the eastern rainforests of Australia and Madagascar for research on canopy frogs and lizards. Stay tuned for upcoming outputs from this research!

8/15: If you build it they will grow! See our new paper on giant frogs living in urban wetlands (see here)

7/15: See our latest papers on the importance of urban wetlands in maintaining genetic diversity in urban amphibian populations (see here)

04/15: Our latest paper on microhabitat buffering across the Earth's tropics (here) was featured in New Zealand Geographic (see here).

03/15: Scheffers joined the WEC and will begin work in Florida this coming July 2015!!!

02/15: See our recent paper in Nature Climate Change on how to properly assess species vulnerability to climate change (see here)

12/14: See our recent paper in Biology Letters (see here). Microhabitats reduce and buffer temperature across the Earth's tropics. These critical microhabitats will become increasingly important as the Earth's climate changes.