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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Connecting to the Department Network Printers

You can connect to the Quant lab printer following these steps:

*Note: If using a personal laptop, you must use the VPN to print to UF printers.

      1. Open Windows File Explorer by clicking the folder icon next to your Start Menu.

      2. Type the address for the print server in the address bar at the top,


      3. If you are prompted for your username and password, you must use the format UFAD\gatorlinkusername in the username box, and your gatorlink password for the password.


      4. Find the name of the printer you wish to connect to from the list below, right click on it, and select connect.
        • wec-quantlab3330 - Quant Lab Newins-Ziegler 368
        • wec-brunalab - Bruna/Loiselle/Acevedo Lab Building 866
        • WEC-XEROXC405 - Wisely/Austin Lab Building 116
        • wec-d2350dn - McCleery Lab Newins-Ziegler Basement 2
        • WEC-dell2330dn - Pine Lab McCarty Hall C
        • WEC-XeroxC7030 - Coop Building 106
        • wec-FletcherLab - Fletcher/Oli Lab Newins-Ziegler 218
        • WEC-BroL2360dw - Branch Lab Building 737
        • WEC-LexmarkMS321 - Lashley Lab Newins-Ziegler 307
        • WEC-XeroxC8145 - Front office printer Newins-Ziegler Hall 110A

You will now have the choice of printing to this printer in any application.

Note: If you get an access denied error when attempting to connect to the print server, you need to email Tom Barnash to be added to the permission list for the printer.