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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Fiscal Processing Resources

Have fiscal processing questions?  Please contact –

Issues or concerns? Please contact – Brandie Seay or Donna Dyer


Use WEC PURCHASING FORM - PCARD - PO - INVOICE for any of the following:

  1. You made a purchase with your pcard and need to submit receipts.
  2. Want to purchase items through UF Marketplace and would like to request a Purchase Order (PO).
  3. Have an invoice that needs to be paid


Request are reviewed 1 or 2 days before the anticipated charge date.

  1. Need to increase your pcard limit to make a purchase.

Possible additional forms needed for purchasing:

  1. Sole Source Certification Form
  2. Contract for Services
  3. Pcard Replacement Receipt Form
  4. Vendor Agreement for Purchase of Travel Services
  5. UF Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Travel / Reimbursements

For helpful travel handouts please visit -



This can be set up as a blanket travel activity for multiple travelers on multiple funding sources.  Please not that this Blanket Authorization must be renewed each year.

  1. Reoccurring travel that does not require a Formal Authorization. Example: Fieldwork

Use WEC TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (TA) for a Formal Authorization, if any of your travel will be related to any of the following:

  1. Conferences/Conventions
  2. Foreign Travel
  3. Registration Fees
  4. Cash Advance
  5. Trips longer than 30 days
  6. Any trips not covered by WEC Blanket Travel Activity

Use WEC TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT (ER) for the following:

  1. Travel has ended and seeking reimbursement
  2. Reconciling a Cash Advance

Use WEC OUT OF POCKET (NON-TRAVEL) for any of the following:

  1. Any out of pocket not travel related expense.
  2. Purchases less than 50.00
  3. Hosting expenses
  4. Emergency
  5. Materials or Services while traveling (example pcard not working)
  6. Pcard not accepted by the vendor.

Rental Car

When renting a car please make sure to use the below links or provide AVIS / Budget with below account number:


  • Business Use– To make a reservation, click here for Avis or Budget to begin your reservation process online. Or, call the State of Florida Reservations & Customer Service at 1-800-338-8211 and reference Account Number A113402 (AVIS) or T417600 (Budget.)
  • Personal Use– To make a reservation for personal use, utilize the same sites AVIS or Budget to begin your reservation process online but reference Account Number S954700 (AVIS) or T118900 (Budget.)

Check out procurements website for multiple ways to make reservations and pricing under the state contract or reach out the your fiscal processor can assist with any questions you may have.