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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Letter to Prospective Undergraduate Students

Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate program in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation!

The conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat is a global concern, and the University of Florida offers the only undergraduate degree program in this field in our state of Florida.

Students in this major gain knowledge of the major dynamics of biodiversity conservation and learn to apply ecological and genetic principles to the preservation of this diversity for the future.

As an undergraduate in our program, you will be encouraged to develop your knowledge of the conceptual and applied scientific, social, and ethical principles of wildlife conservation.

Your options within our major are broad, and you may choose from one of two specializations to earn your UF Bachelor of Science Degree.

These specializations are Wildlife Ecology and Conservation or Pre-Professional. The core curriculum for each specialization includes critical thinking and analytic courses, along with applied field work in natural history, ecology, natural resource management, and conservation biology.

Students pursuing the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation specialization will satisfy coursework requirements for certification as an Associate Wildlife Biologist by The Wildlife Society (TWS). The Pre-Professional specialization is specifically designed to satisfy coursework requirements for admission to national Veterinary Schools. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation may be the right major for you if...

  • You want to study wildlife and their habitats.
  • You enjoy problem solving and working with people.
  • Your definition of science isn’t confined to the laboratory
  • You love the outdoors

And most importantly…

  • You want to make a difference!

On behalf of our undergraduate faculty, I encourage you explore this website for more information about our department and the wildlife student experience.

Steve Johnson, Undergraduate Coordinator,