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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department

Michael P. Moulton

Mike MoultonPosition: Associate Professor
Appointment: Teaching: 80% Research: 20%

Educational Background:
Ph.D.: 1984; Zoology, University of Tennessee
M.S.: 1980; Zoology, Fort Hays State University
B.S.: 1972; Organismal Biology, University of Colorado

Professional Experience:

  • University of Florida
    • Associate Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, 1996 to present.
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, 1993 – 1996.
  • Georgia Southern University 
    • Associate Professor, Department of Biology, 1992 – 1993.
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, 1987 – 1992.
  • Texas Tech University 
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, 1984-1987.

Teaching Responsibilities at UF (last 5 years):

    • Fall, Spring, Summer: WIS 2040 - Wildlife Issues in a Changing World - Summer A syllabus
    • Fall, Spring, Summer: WIS 2552 - Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspectives - Summer A syllabus
    • Fall: WIS 4934 - Ecology of Mammals

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    Graduate Students (last 5 years):
    Chair/co-chair: PhD 3; MS 1
    Committee member: 0 PhD ; 1 MS

    International Activities (last 5 years)
    Conducted research on specimens of introduced species of birds at the British Museum of Natural History; preliminary research on mynas and manikins in Singapore.

    Research area:

    Ecology of introduced species of birds and reptiles.

    Publications (Career Summary)

    46 refereed journal articles, 1 books, 7 book chapters, and 3 other creative works (1 Young Adult novel, and two course packets)

    Selected Publications

    Moulton, M. P. D. K. McLain, and L. E. Moulton. 2009. Sexual selection and the fate of introduced pigeons and doves (Aves: Columbidae). Evolutionary Ecology Research 11: 889-904.

    Avery, M. L., and M. P. Moulton. 2007. Florida's non-native avifauna. Special Proceedings in Wildlife Control: Managing Vertebrate Invasive Species. Managing Vertebrate Invasive Species: Proceedings of an International Symposium (G. Whitmer, W. C. Pitt, and K. A. Fagerstone [eds.]). USDA/APHIS/WS, National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, CO. 2007

    Gomez-Zlatar, P., M. P. Moulton, and R. Franz. 2006. Microhabitat use by introduced Hemidactylus turcicus in North Central Florida. Southeastern Naturalist 5: 425-434.

    Donze, J., M. P. Moulton, R. F. Labisky, and W. Jetz. 2004. Sexual plumage differences and the outcome of game bird (Aves: Galliformes) introductions on oceanic islands. Evolutionary Ecology Research 6: 595-606.

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    Moulton, M. P. 1985. Morphological similarity and the coexistence of congeners: an experimental test using introduced Hawaiian birds. Oikos 44: 301-305.

    Moulton, M. P., and S. L. Pimm. 1983. The introduced Hawaiian avifauna: biogeographic evidence for competition. The American Naturalist 121: 669-690.

    Robbins, L. W., M. P. Moulton, and R. J. Baker. 1983. Extent of geographic range and magnitude of chromosomal evolution. J. of Biogeography 10: 533-541.