Rana catesbeiana


Description: The Bullfrog is distinguished from other frogs by the large external eardrum under each eye and the fully webbed hind feet except for the last joint of the longest toe.

Size: The Bullfrog is the largest native frog in North America reaching a maximum of 8 inches in body length.

Distribution / Habitat: The Bullfrog is found down through central Florida in ponds, lakes and slow-moving streams. This nocturnal species swallows young birds, snakes, crayfish and other frogs.

Reproduction: Breeding occurs from February to October.

Call: The call is a deep pitched "jug o'rum", but if frightened one might meow like a cat.

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Development of these pages was a cooperative effort. Photos were supplied by Barry Mansell Photos and calls were provided by Paul Moler, state herpetologist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.