Fowler's Toad
Bufo fowleri

Fowler's Toad

Distribution: Fowler's Toad is found only in the Florida panhandle.

Habitat: It prefers to live in backyards, temporary rain ponds, irrigation ditches and marshes near sandy areas.

Size: They range in length from 2 - 3.25 inches.

Description: The Fowler's Toad has a cream-white stripe running down its back, and usually there are three or more warts in each of the largest black or dark brown spots on its back. The belly and chest are whitish, but some individuals have a single dark breast spot. Males have black throats and are smaller than females.

Reproduction: One female can lay up to 8,000 eggs at one time during the breeding season from February to April.

Call: The call is a muffled nasal "whir-rr-r", like the bleat of a sheep with a cold.

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Development of these pages was a cooperative effort. Photos were supplied by Barry Mansell Photos and calls were provided by Paul Moler, state herpetologist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.