Oak Toad
Anaxyrus quercicus
(formerly Bufo quercicus)

Oak Toad

Description and Size: The oak toad is the smallest toad in the U.S., reaching a length of approximately 1.5 inches. Their backs range in color from dark brown to light gray and they will frequently have 3 or 4 pairs of dark spots. They will always have a yellowish stripe down the center of their back.

Reproduction and Habitat: The oak toad is a summer breeder that inhabits upland scrub, xeric, and longleaf pine-turkey oak communities.

Call: Oak toads call from roadside ditches and ponds from January to October with a "cheep-cheep-cheep".

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Development of these pages was a cooperative effort. Photos were supplied by Barry Mansell Photos and calls were provided by Paul Moler, state herpetologist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.