Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
Gastrophryne carolinensis carolinensis

Eastern Narrowmouth Toad

Description: The Eastern Narrowmouth Toad has a roundish oval-shaped body and short legs with a bluish cast and may have unique coppery, irregular patterns on the sides of the body. The head is narrow and pointed, with a small mouth. There is a fold of skin behind the eyes. It is easily identifiable by the heavily multicolored stomach. Males have a darker throat. They may have light-colored stripes down the dark-colored back. The narrowmouth prefers to eat only ants and termites.

Size: This frog ranges in size from 7/8 – 1 ¼ inches.

Habitat: It can be found statewide under logs and debris near water.

Reproduction: Breeding occurs from April through October.

Call: The voice is a loud "whaaa", similar to that of a baying sheep.

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Development of these pages was a cooperative effort. Photos were supplied by Barry Mansell Photos and calls were provided by Paul Moler, state herpetologist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.