For Extension Agents

The purpose of this page is to provide wildlife-related materials and information for Florida extension programs. The materials available here were designed by extension specialists, extension agents and others associated with extension programs throughout the state of Florida. They are not intended for distribution to the general public but instead for use by extension agents and others for use in extension programs. Access is therefore limited by password.

To obtain a password, please contact us.

If you already have a password, click HERE to enter the Extension Agent Resource Web pages.

*Note* Don't forget to also use our wealth of other useful resources, for which a password is not needed, scattered throughout this entire website. Extension documents produced by the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation are available on the UF/IFAS EDIS website and also available through our Wildlife Information website.

Help Us Help You

To determine what types of wildlife-related materials, supporting documents, props, etc. are needed by Florida extension personnel and what are currently available and where and who has them in the state, we have developed the following surveys. Your participation is critical if we are to continue to improve our programs. Almost all topics and extension programs are in some way related directly or indirectly to wildlife issues (e.g., energy conservation and environmental friendly gardening techniques) so do not assume that your specialty, topic, or program is too obscure.

If you have not yet completed these surveys, please click HERE for more information and to print the surveys. If you have any comments or suggestions about this page, again please email Mark Hostetler, Extension Wildlife Specialist.