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Madera's Natural History

Florida is home to many ecosystems. An ecosystem is a natural community of plants and animals. Historically, Florida's lands were used for agriculture and timber production. More recently, efforts have been made in the restoration of our natural landscapes by reintroducing fire to the pine forests and providing critical wildlife habitat.

In the areas around Madera, you can experience many of Florida's natural landscapes including hardwood hammocks, pine flatwoods, and wetlands. Each of these communities consists of it's own array of plants, animals, and natural landscape features.


Interested in learning more about Florida's natural environment? Train to be a Florida Master Naturalist Program volunteer! The FMNP is an adult education program for those who want to learn more.



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Natural History
One of Florida's most valuable assets is its' natural history and it's home to several ecosystems or natural communities.


Human History
Florida's human history began 12,000 years ago when people first started to inhabit a land very different from what Florida is today.


Fire Ecology
Fires have always been an important ecosystem process throughout the southeast region.



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