Urban Biodiversity Conservation: International Examples

Interested in international examples of urban communities that conserve biodiversity? A symposium was held at the international conservation biology conference in Auckland, New Zealand - December 7, 2011. The symposium was titled Conserving Biodiversity in Urban Environments: Engaging Policymakers, Developers, and Citizens. We were interested in working examples where communities have implemented ways to promote urban biodiversity conservation. We encourage people to send in examples and we'll post them on this web site. Examples can include green developments, policies, programs, organizations, public/private initiatives, educational strategies, and other strategies that have engaged urban communities and people to conserve urban biodiversity (online links would be most useful). Research papers and other articles are also encouraged (citations, pdfs, online articles). We will also post failed attempts to engage people in urban biodiversity conservation. These successes (and failures) will offer lessons learned and provide new ideas for conservation biologists, residents, developers, planners, etc. to implement in their cities and neighborhoods. If you would like to contribute or have questions, please contact Dr. Mark Hostetler. Below, please find links and resources concerning promoting and implementing urban biodiversity conservation.

Urban developments that have incorporated biodiversity conservation

Research and review articles that address aspects of promoting and implementing biodiversity conservation in urban developments

Methods and strategies to create functional, biodiverse urban communities

Urban ecology and conservation

Other articles and books that address aspects of biodiversity conservation in urban developments

City, county, and regional policies that address urban biodiversity conservation

Unique programs, educational sites, and organizations that engage policy makers, developers, and citizens in urban biodiversity conservation

Online training courses concerning green developments and biodiversity conservation