How can I be involved?

For this project to be successful, it is going to take the cooperation of a lot of different people and organizations in the Big Bend. You can also watch this web page for more information or email us at, or join our project listserv (see below), which will bring you regular news, dates and announcements. Interested in volunteering? We may have opportunities to help with oyster or water quality monitoring, send us an email to offer your time. Have a question or concern? Let us know, we would be happy to respond to any questions or ideas. We look forward to working with each of you to help restore and protect this special area.

To subscribe to our project listserv, send a one line message (from the account that you want the lists messages to be sent) to

In the message type


And insert your name where it says your name. Make sure to remove any signature from the bottom of your email.

The server will recognize the email account that you sent the message from, and add that account to the list. After you subscribe, you will receive a message that explains the rules of the list. If you have any problems, follow this link: